Lighthouse Bibione

Together with the beaches and the sea, the Lighthouse of Bibione is one of the first things that come to mind when one thinks about this locality. It has become a symbol, but its value is not purely landscaped. First of all, the lighthouse still retains its function as a night reference point for sailors. Then, the area around is very popular, and appreciated, for walks and excursions, either on foot or by bike.

Let us get to know this piece of history of Bibione and discover together how many activities you can do in the area, if you intend to spend your holidays here (and we recommend you to do it!).

A bit of history

The lighthouse of Punta Tagliamento has a long history, born at the beginning of the twentieth century and interrupted in 1917 after a bombardment during the First World War. The lighthouse was immediately rebuilt and therefore we can still enjoy its presence even today. Initially, to emit light and then to be visible at night by sailors, the keepers were required to keep alive a fire amplified by powerful lenses. Only in 1952 the lighthouse was electrified, while the plant was automated in 1973. Renovation works followed one another to keep it operational. It is still a night reference point for sailors and is visible from a distance of 15 miles from the coast.

Architecturally, it consists of a rectangular two-storey body and a 21-metre-high cylindrical tower. Externally it is of a beautiful white color, which makes it stand out compared to the blue of the sea on which it overlooks.

Where is Bibione Lighthouse

The lighthouse is located in the eastern part of Bibione, near the river mouth of the Tagliamento. The area can be reached on foot or by bike: it is up to you to decide how to get to the lighthouse, he will be there to welcome you in all its beauty!

You can arrive by car up to the cycle path going from the main roundabout of Bibione, Corso del Sole. On Corso del Sole, take the first roundabout and enter Via Lattea and then in Via Procione; there you will find a paid parking where you can leave your car. Alternatively, you can leave it at Piazzale Zenith and then continue on the pedestrian cycle path.

From this road, on foot or by bike, you can observe the beauty of the Venetian countryside and then enter a fresh and shady pinewood. As the dirt path becomes more sandy, until you get to the Lighthouse Beach.

Trip to the Lighthouse

The lighthouse can also be reached from the beaches of Bibione on foot. If you want to stretch your legs a little bit after hours spent under the umbrella, you can walk on the shore and get to the lighthouse. If you do it at sunset, the show is assured.

Or, arriving from the hinterland, you can walk along the river Tagliamento and get to the mouth not far from the lighthouse. Certainly, you will not miss the opportunities to walk and hike even in the company of your children here in Bibione.

Bike excursion to the Bibione’s Lighthouse

If you love mountain biking, you have a nice bike path to reach the lighthouse, which winds between fossil dunes and river banks, also passing by a pine forest that in spring lives the peak of the blooms (but it is worth crossing it also in the summer and autumn). You can start from the bike path in Lido dei Pini and follow a circle path that takes you inland from Bibione before taking the road towards the mouth of the Tagliamento and the lighthouse.

Or, you can take one of the two bike paths that lead to the lighthouse, an easier one that passes through an agricultural area, and another that connects the beach to the Pinewood through a cooperative dune.